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Are you ManWhore Material?

Would you like to be part of a elite fighting force know as the ManWhores?

The ManWhore Clan is now recruiting individuals prepared to dedicate themselves to the ManWhore way of life and/or gaming, specifically to Battlefield 1942. 

Perspective ManWhore Clan Members must:

  1. Respect Beer as your favorite Mod.
  2. Actually be a Man Whore.
  3. Possess the ability to carry yourself with honor on the Battlefield.
  4. Realize that this is  just a game and you are not actually a real soldier (at least a majority of the time).
  5. Have watched "Band of Brothers" at least once and understand the historical significant or have actually fought in one of these wars.
  6. Possibly have skills to improve or finish our web site.
  7. Root out cheaters and make them known by listing them on our top ten jackasses of the week.

Keep in mind the most important part of being a ManWhore is that beer will enhance your gameplay to its apex but too much beer will just make you look stupid.

  I meet all of these requirements, I would like to join.



Why I would make a good ManWhore.

You may also contact us at enlist@manwhoreclan.com



Yesterday we heard this villain called Rumsfeld. He, of course, is a war criminal, and he is one of the worst of the American rulers. He said the American mercenaries and the British mercenaries, they are defending themselves inside Iraq. They are in a defensive position. They are engaged in self-defense. They are fighting a self-defense war inside Iraq. Well, congratulations, Mr. Villain, you are defending yourself inside our country. We will show you what defense means.

Iraqi Information Minister